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  1. Acer Aspire One D255e Ram Upgrade 4gb Laptop

I bought an acer aspire one d255e netbook, intel atom n455, with 160GB storage. I had looked it all up before I bought it (first time buying a laptop myself, I'm 19. Always stuck to my desktop, but I travel alot for work now so yeah. Lol) And I wanted something small, cute and just for my basic needs.

  • 2GB DDR3 Memory Upgrade for Acer Aspire One D255E-N55DQkk 10.1' Atom N455 Netbook PC3-10600 204 pin 1333MHz Laptop SODIMM RAM (PARTS-QUICK BRAND) $14.99 $ 14. $4.48 shipping. 2GB DDR3 Memory Upgrade for Acer Aspire One D255E AOD255E-xxx PC3-8500 204 pin 1066MHz Laptop SODIMM RAM (PARTS-QUICK BRAND).
  • This is the one page you need to find an upgrade for your Acer Aspiredesktop, Aspirenotebook, AspireOnenetbook, Predator, Travelmate or Veriton. Use the boxes below to find your model, and the RAM memory and SSD upgrades will appear. Although we provide a system to find your own upgrade to speed up your computer, we have a local Sydney office, with staff to help customers.

D255EAcer Aspire One is certainly a line of first launched in July 2008 byMany features of a specific design of Acer Aspire One are determined by the CPU platform chosen. Initial versions were based on the Intel Atoms. Later on, versions with different AMD chips were introduced.

Newer variations of the Atom had been adopted mainly because well.Early versions were structured on the Intel Atom platform, which comprises of the processor, Intel 945GSE Show chipset and lntel 82801GBM (ICH7M) I/O controller, and is certainly available in various shell colours: seashell white, sapphire glowing blue, golden brownish, onyx dark, and coral reefs pink.Higher end versions were launched in June 2010 consisting of the AMD Neo processor and ATI Radeon HD 4225 images control. These are accessible in onyx black, antique metal, or mesh black shells depending on model. Also launched had been a edition of the Aspiré One 521 with an 105 processor working at 1.2 GHz, an ATI Radeon 4225 images control, and equipped with a port.A range of later on models were driven by (mixed CPU/GPU chips). The AMD chips had very much more powerful video capabilities but consumed more energy.Its primary competitor in the cheap netbook marketplace was the line.In Jan 2013, Acer officially ended creation of their Aspire One collection expected to decreasing sales as a result of customers favoring and over netbooks. Contents.History The series was initially produced for Acer lnc. By.; Quanta had been phased out as a supplier to Acer, and creation of the Acér Aspire One collection altered to other manufacturers in 2009. Furthermore beginning in 2009, eSobi Inc.

Partnered with Acer tó preload the News Center on Acer Aspiré One netbooks beginning in the first one fourth of 2009. Working systems Home windows Windows XP House Model SP3 will be installed on the models with a name ending in X, or finishing in M adopted by another notice denoting color.It is also achievable to install and run or on the earlier model laptop. In high-end versions appearing during 2009, Home windows Vista can be pre-installed. The lack of a drive requires producing a (the on-board credit card reader slot machine games are not really bootable) using a USB external DVD drive or boot system install.Starter is installed by default on models with a name starting in D like as M255E and M257 simply because properly as other later on Aspire models.Linux Models with names starting in D, or ending in A adopted by a letter for color, are delivered with Lite, which is definitely centered on 8. This offers a simple user user interface, with default applications like the 2 browser, 2.3, Acer One Mail and Acer One Messenger accessible straight on the major display screen.

The default desktop environment offers been developed to conceal advanced functions from the user and to avoid change. It is certainly feasible to alter the system to existing a more conventional 4 desktop computer, enable more advanced functions like as, or set up additional software program.It is certainly feasible to set up and run various other on the Acér Aspire One, ánd some specifically customised Linux distributions have been developed to provide. These include:. (UNE).Various other distributions of thé Linux operating system will also run, like as:.,.

which also features a netbook specific desktop environment.Mac OS X Through the task, an Aspire One particular can boot and operate a changed edition of, like iAtkos, iDéneb, 'XxX' and KaIyway distributions. This treatment is not really backed by Apple or Acer. FreeBSD v. 8.2 is definitely recognized to operate on the Acér Aspire One, aIthough some restrictions utilize: cover close not really starting a hibernate, and power management which works to a extremely limited education.OpenBSD releases varying from 4.4 to 6.4 are usually recognized to run on some of the numerous versions of Aspire 0ne, with some limitations centered on BIOS and some other variations.Android Some versions are double shoe (elizabeth.g.

Chemical250, N260), with Android 1.6 and Windows 7 Starter. The pc boots up into Google android very first, with a tab to select Home windows. The OS has limited apps accessible to it. Storage space Solid condition memory sticks The A110 design boats with an 8 Gigabyte or 16 Gigabyte (SSD), although some models do not really come with one.

Early 8 Gigabyte models arrive with the lntel Z-P230, model SSDPAMM0008G1. This SSD has been belittled for its gradual study and create quickness. Intel provides the drive's maximum rates of speed as 38 MB/s read through and 10 MB/beds write.

Afterwards models arrive with the somewhat faster Sámsung P-SSD 1800.Hard devices The tough disk will be a regular 2.5-in 5400 rpm SATA travel with 80, 120, 160, 250, 320, 500 or 750 GB. A quantity of different drives from various manufacturers have got been reported to become incorporated. Newer-model Aspire Types consider a 7 mm thick push, as compared to the normal 9.5 mm width that makes up most 2.5-inches form factor hárd drives ánd SSDs.Enlargement slot machine There is certainly furthermore an SD/ storage space expansion slot machine on all versions for extra storage space (the 533 model does not really help SDHC as confirmed by Acer assistance UK). On Linux versions this automatically expands the area of thé SSD ór HDD making use of. Home windows XP versions deal with it as a normal removable commute.Some models possess a second slot machine that features as a standard multi-in-1 display memory credit card viewer. The 110 BIOS does not permit one to boot an operating system from this slot machine, but the 150 BIOS can be capable of booting fróm an SDHC cards in the slot.

(Notice: with Linux, it will be possible basically to boot from HD ór USB by using a /boot partition on the normal boot device and an initrd that tons the genuine OS from the slot machine).Power management The system has a given maximum of 11.8 Watts. Individual statistics are usually 2.5 Watts for the N270 processor, 6 W for the 945GSE chipset and 3.3 Watts for the 82801GBM I/U control. The AUO T089AW01 LCD cell is scored at a maximum power intake of 3 W.

Regular read-write strength intake for the SSD is usually about 0.3 W, and 0.01 Watts when nonproductive. The various HDDs are usually rated at about 1.5-2.5 W for read-write procedures and around 0.7 W when idle.The established rankings for the battery power are up to 3 hours for the three mobile, and upward to 8 hrs for the six mobile.

Lite has long been optimized by Acér for lower strength consumption. Electric battery life will be shorter on HDD designs with Windows XP, at around 2.5 hours for the three cell. Although the regular three cell battery is certainly 2.2 Ah, some customers have documented 2.4 Ah and 2.9 Ah batteries from the manufacturer. Various suppliers online today carry aftermarket batteries, like the six mobile. Meszaros, Eva (3 Summer 2008). Bedford Communications, Inc. Retrieved 6 May 2009.

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Acer Aspire One D255e Ram Upgrade 4gb Laptop

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The Aspire-One D255E Memory specs sold by includes:DDR3 Personal computer3-12800. CL=11. Unbuffered. NON-ECC. DDR3-1600. 1.35V.I possess on-hand and has been thinking can I disqualify from use in the Aspire-One: Manufacturer SamsungManufacturer Part # Meters471B5773CHS-CH9Memory Type SODIMMCapacity 2GBPins 204 PinBus Kind Personal computer-10600Error Modification Non-ECCCycle Time 1.5nsCas CL9Information Transfer Rate 1333MhzMemory Clock 166MhzRank Rank 1Voltage 1.5Ah I recognize it: getting a lower CLX (CL9) can be much better than having a higher quantity (CL11).

Both appear to have got 204 pins, but that is no assurance of compatibility (though have various quantities of pins does consult incompatibility). The shuttle bus types are different: Computer10600 vs PC12800Photo of Installed Module for comparison with Samsung ModuleUpper module is Kingston (Acer Issued)Lower module is Samsung. The Acer Aspire-One Chemical255E model offers some hardware trouble in getting SPD information and thus likely can't smartly configure RAM.

At least the CPUinfo shows SPD industry as blanks., the D255E works just with 1333MHz memory space, and neglects with slower SODIMMS.I are typing this on the N255E design, and I do upgrade the original 1GW storage to a 2GC SODIMM. I can't keep in mind which one I did use, need to open up the netbook upward. I can tell that graphics performance offers bending from 'experience list '1' to list '2.4' under Win7, which is certainly quite more satisfying.EDIT: I simply checked my productive memory upgrade.

The blog site info seems to become not true: my memory is usually Hynix 2GT 1Ra8 PC3-10600S-9-10-B1, and it works just great.

The is usually a budget laptop computer that's a bit of a throwback to laptop computers of times eliminated. It't heavy, it has an optical drive, and it offers plenty of legacy ports for linking your growing old hardware. Although it provides many functions that are going vanished, it also offers an eighth-generation Intel Core processor (Processor), 8GT of DDR3 Memory, a 256GM solid-state get (SSD), and án NVIDIA GéForce MX150 images card (GPU).Component of this laptop computer's elegance is how easy it is definitely to upgrade the Ram memory and storage. You undo three anchoring screws, pull off the cover up, and slip in some new equipment. Despite the simplicity, is it actually worth buying more Ram memory? The greatest element when thinking about improving RAM is definitely for what purpose you'll end up being using the laptop. Remember that the Aspire At the 15 arrives with 8GB of Memory, which is usually currently a good quantity.For efficiency purposes - term processing, movie viewing, and lighting web looking - you can proceed as reduced as 4GN, though if you including to multitask or possess a lot of of internet browser tabs open up at a time, the integrated 8GW will most likely be valued.

If you're also a master of multitasking and discover that the laptop is usually a stage behind you, going up to 12GT or also 16GT might not really become a bad idea. Maintaining up with thé NVIDIA GéForce MX150 GPU.

NVIDIA'h GeForce MX150 discrete GPU will be an upgrade to the ageing GeForce 940MX, bringing somewhat better efficiency. Still, the MX150 rests significantly lower than an when evaluating functionality.It isn't heading to established any information, and it certainly will not really run a solid VR expertise, but thé MX150 can still keep up with a great deal of popular modern video games, if not enabling you to enjoy them at maximum configurations.While a great deal of high-end gaming PCs employ 16GT or even more RAM, adding to the 8GM in the Aspire Y 15 isn'testosterone levels heading to convert it into a monster video gaming rig. Its gaming performance is certainly tied even more heavily to thé MX150 than anything else. Likewise, if you're interested in video or picture editing, including RAM will only get you therefore much. The GPU will end up being the greatest problem. Should you upgrade the Memory in your Acer Aspire E 15?The Aspire At the 15 offers room for two stays of DDR3D SODIMM RAM, with one 8GN stick arriving already installed from the factory.

If you have got an extra little bit of suitable RAM resting around, incorporating to the Aspire Y 15 will be at minimum worth a attempt. The whole procedure shouldn't take even more than five a few minutes, and if performance doesn't noticeably enhance, you can often eliminate it.Buying new Memory to move in the Aspire Elizabeth 15 is certainly, however, a different story.

There are certainly people who can't live without 16GT of RAM in their modern Personal computer no issue what various other equipment it offers inside, and that's simply fine. You can obtain a one 8GN stick of DDR3D-1600MHz Kingston RAM for. It'h not really the cheapest, but it provides a five-star ranking on Amazon .

com with more thán 1,800 reviews.Considering the Core i5 construction of the laptop can be got for, that extra price might not really seem well worth it, specifically if you program on making use of the laptop computer for productivity purposes only.Even more resourcesFor more information about how very much Memory your Computer really wants and how to set up it, become certain to check out our various other guides. Furthermore, read our to discover out precisely what it functions.This article may include affiliate hyperlinks. Discover our for even more details.