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Read MeAdvanced engine needed: Control eliminating source-port (possibly)Primary objective: Single playerTitle: Hollywood HolocaustFilename: DUKEHH30.wadRelease date: Aug 21st, 2005Author: M H GrahamEmail Deal with: Various other Documents By Author: Azagthoth, Crimson CanyonMisc. Writer Info:Description: A Doom2 design of the Duke Nukem 3D chart01 'Artist Holocaust' (as close up as I can create it until I find out how to modify ZDoom.)Additional Credit to: Included textures and sprites had been converted from Duke Nukém 3D, by 3D Area. A several were revised or developed from these and Doom2 sources. I don't understand who produced the midi, but thanks. What is definitely incorporated.New amounts: 1Sounds: NoMusic: YesGraphics: YesDehacked/BEX Spot: NoDemos: NoOther: NoOther documents required: No. Play Information.Video game: DOOM2Chart #: Chart01Single Player: Solitary player start onlyCooperative 2-4 Player: NoDeathmatch 2-4 Participant: NoOther game designs: NoDifficulty Configurations: Yes Jumping is needed to gain access to all top secret places, but not really to finish the chart. Risen3Chemical doesn'testosterone levels support the kind of jumping needed therefore is, thus, not recommended.This appears and plays excellent in OpenGL.

Contents.Begin adding quotes This is meant to be a collection of every soft quote from the games. To perform so violates fair make use of.- 17:25, 5 April 2007 (UTC)Unless you are a lawyer or Federal Tell you cannot say that with any conviction. -This remark is usually by (. ). What nonsense.

Duke Nukem 3d

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Beginning of dialog window. Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay Achievement in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour: Finish the 'Hollywood Holocaust' level in under 3 minutes - worth 40 GamerScore.

Deus ex human revolution inventory mod 1. If you haven't hacked the turret yet just turnit toward the wall and it won't bother you again. If you have hacked ityou can carry it around and place it in key spots. It will even firewhile you are carrying it AND provide cover.

How the heIl could the page feature actually almost all (allow only all) of the things mentioned, and nevertheless be reasonable make use of?- 06:10, 21 January 2011 (UTC)Lame. Nothing of these rates are usually ORIGINALLY from Duké Nukem, they are usually all lent from past campy movies and general pop tradition, so quit already with the copyright concerns.

Listing quotations isn't a infringement of copyright anyway. FYI thé 'shit down yóur neck of the guitar' estimate is from the 1983 Eddie Murphy film 'Trading Locations', it has been stated by acting professional John Gleason as CIarence Beeks.I plead to vary. 04:27, 1 July 2008 (UTC)You have got that right, but that doesn'capital t indicate you are right. Plan is policy.- 14:25, 10 Oct 2008 (UTC)the line i got balls of metal was said by duke nukem not really by the man from gta ( as some have thought)You'ré either a site for quotes or not really, create up your damn thoughts.If you don't need every duke quote after that don't trouble with a banging wiki. -This opinion can be by (. ).

Just because it's i9000 a site for quotations doesn't mean to say that it has to possess every quote. It doésn't negate thé copyright issue.- 11:00, 15 February 2009 (UTC)I recognize. I will be eliminating some.

22:49, 28 Apr 2009 (UTC)12 bang youDo the video games themselves violate 'fair-use'? Appears about half of the estimates here are lent or modified from some other works. Put on't think anyone would mind, either, it serves as a helpful memento for supporters.

If they did thoughts, they'd be modifying the page themselves, or something.This is definitely excessive. Perform we require every single series of his from the sport? This can be over the top.- 04:17, 21 Dec 2005 (UTC). Books similar to present over perfect. Agree.

Duke Nukem Secrets

We should maybe function out the almost all relevant ones - 18:18, 2 Jan 2006 (UTC). I can find your stage, the listing is obtaining massive isn't it? Excessive?I wear't believe so. Mebbe what would be awesome was actually dividing the rates based to the sport in which they're mentioned.

Disagree. The more the much better. 04:27, 1 Come july 1st 2008 (UTC). Disagree. Indeed the game is made mainly of estimates, most of them are famous for my generation. There isn't a single collection that I read and that I perform not remember or that I do not make use of if I have got occasion and people hearing me normally obtain the estimate, so they should end up being listed right here for guide of those that, the video game, did not performed.

Regards 16:54, 14 Nov 2008 (UTC). I'meters remorseful, but copyright arrives very first. There are usually many on-going that goal to trim the everloving rubbish out various pages right here, owing to the copyright problem.

The truth that there isn't exactly books worth of estimates in the Duke Nukem video games will be no excuse to listing actually half of them.- 12:42, 15 November 2008 (UTC)'No.put in. steals our girls. It says 'Nobody steals our chicks. And life', but i keep in mind that itused to be 'No nonresident bastard steals our girls.'

. I edited it once,but somebody place the 1st line back into it.Shield NickActually, no it's i9000 not.

The unfamiliar b. part will be from the shóotin' up my trip quote.Quoting quotes?

Furthermore, a lot of these quotes are in fact from other resources (Evil Dead and additional 80s horror/action films specifically). I desire to say that the '.and I'meters all out of chewing gum' line will be from CHUD 2, but I don't desire to see CHUD 2 again to verify. Is usually there a way we could note the sources? -Rick FlickIt was 'They Live', not really CHUD 2.Nooooooo. That series can be from Duke Nukém 3D. I played that game YEARS back and I clearly keep in mind it!!! At the begin of the Showmanship Holocaust objective, duke nukem Will state 'it's time to punch ass and chew on bubblegum.

' - Fariéd (ZA)Nooooo. Thát series is from, a 1988 film, which predates bóth (1989) and the collection (1991 and beyond).

(Unless They Live lent it from something even previously, that is definitely.) 22:37, 10 May 2007 (UTC)This line is orignally from but Duke will pay homage to this one lining at the begin of the Hollywood Holocaust objective.It'h not Hollywood Holocaust. It's i9000 Raw Meats. deThbaTeNeeds much better firm. There are too numerous quotes from additional Duke Nukem games in the Duke Nukem 3d area.

I transferred all (I believe all) the Manhattan Project types, can somebody familiar with the additional games move the others?There are too numerous quotes time period. Pretty much every line is here. It requires to end up being cut down by at minimum half. Observe the label at the best of this talk page.- 07:35, 26 Aug 2006 (UTC) I wear't think we should cut it lower.why have just half of those amazing one-Iiners if we cán have got them all?

Mebbe the correct point to perform is definitely to separate the web page and develop a various page for each Duké Nukem game:0 dunno really.Simply no, in terms of reasonable use, there are way as well many quotations from each function. If they had been divided to different posts, those would require to end up being cut. You can only have so much from each function.- 16:58, 1 September 2006 (UTC) Substantial article cutting off I've erased most of the 'estimates' in this content, not only to avoid blatant copyright violation, but also because many of the outlines in this sport are entirely unoriginal and/or merely variations on common quotes and rates borrowed from various other famous functions. There are usually no doubt numerous fansites that are not worried with copyright laws and have no qualms about integrating every solitary series, but the Wikimedia Basis that operates (and will pay for) this site does not permit entire transcriptions of any works, including digital video games.

Wikiquote's purpose will be to gather a small place of notable rates for each subject. Please be extremely selective in what you include right here.

07:34, 31 December 2006 (UTC)Totally agreed. While there possess long been some good extra edits, many of new editings made the write-up worse and back to the standing before your cutting, I réverted it to thé revision as of 17:24, 5 Apr 2007. There are many anons who may have compensated no attention to this conversation and worriness, I'd actually like to defend the post. 17:26, 2 Might 2007 (UTC) It's time to kick bum and chew on bubble gum, and I'michael all outta chewing gum!

I believe this is definitely the almost all important one. Why isn't it there?

- 23:03, 5 May 2007 (UTC)It's his personal favorite quote. 23:14, 5 Might 2007 (UTC)I concur. I definitely discover this to become one of the more humorous ones. It's i9000 now included.

20:58, 10 May 2007 (UTC) Quotations There are usually many more of Duke's outlines that are usually missing here. You can include them. I mean, not really EVERY series, but some others that are, if not really more, similarly funny than the ones listed here.Even 50% or 40% of the lines would be too very much for fair make use of.- 13:16, 29 June 2007 (UTC)Anonymous Coward: From Duke Nukem 3D: Duke position in top of a 'Duké Nukem pinball machine', and when you touch it, says 'Aint obtained time, to enjoy with myself'. Hilarious.Are some of these made up? Ive played through the game a several occasions and dont recognize some of the 3D ones like Duketh Kicketh Butt or wahtever; nor the great cigar/badwoman one.

Im not really removing them but are usually they in fact from 3D or a diff game?Rates:Eat shit and die.I'll grab off your head and shit down your throat.I obtained balls of metal.Time too kick rear end and gnaw bubbIegum. And im aIl outta gumBIow it out yá' assPermission for rates «I skipped your message RE: Duke Nukém as I havén't become on Wikiquote for a even though. The rates are copyrighted and can only be utilized under Fair Use. Excess estimates would end up being a violation of copyright.- 12:14, 26 May 2007 (UTC)»IMHO, you're also attempting to fight with atmosphere - there is many-manu-many users who include quotes anyhow. Probably it can be not a bad idea make a standard public demand (with duplicate answer on the formal site) to 3DArea for permission to include every rates from Duke Nukém 3D?

I'll think you're all attempted to remove 'excess rates'. Guest -The previous comment has been added by (.

) 20:32, 9 November 2007 (UTC) about duke nukem permanently quotation.it is certainly from December 18tl but we should mention what season it had been. Because of thé well-known foréverness óf DN:F this details could react quite essential.What 'bout Duké Nukum 1? The just quotation i heard had been 'I'll Kick your booty and obtain house in time for oprah.' And it stated 'T' For poor vocabulary?2011 teaser rates Can someone update the web page?'

Why do they often take the sizzling ones?' 'I'd still hit it'.

Duke Nukem Overall Meltdown OST Stalker Showmanship Holocaust by ML TOVThe classic tune 'Stalker' by Lee Jackson, authentic midi from thé Duke Nukem 3D Computer version, furthermore identified by the degree that bears the name Movie Holocaust. One of the best music in the video game.Duke Nukem Overall Crisis OST Stalker Artist Holocaust by ML TOVThe traditional melody 'Stalker' by Lee Jackson, authentic midi from thé Duke Nukem 3D Computer version, also recognized by the degree that has the name Artist Holocaust. One of the greatest songs in the video game.