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The Elder Scrolls: Arena is the first in its series. The Emperor has been imprisoned in another dimension by the evil Jagar Tharn, who is impersonating him. It's up to you to find all eight pieces of the Staff of Chaos to defeat him and bring order back to Tamriel. Staff of Chaos. The Staff of Chaos (also known as the Balac-thurm) is a highly powerful, magical artifact that was fashioned in the early First Era by Loreth.The staff was deemed too powerful and was hidden in the catacombs beneath the city of Mournhold.

The Mayhem Elder Scrolls are Folk Scrolls that are mentioned to have great power. It is certainly said possess been developed by one óf gods, and offers the energy to result in untold Chaos; in reality some believe that the scrolls are not Native to Nirn due to its energy. The Commotion Folk Scrolls were originally one, but were split in half, and secured in magic formula areas in Tamriel.

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It has been the subject matter of the, and was successfully kept concealed. After the battle it was covered into brand-new secret places, and no records of its areas were kept.

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