How To Enable App Sync In Bluestacks

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Hi men,I utilized google and the searchbar right here, but haven't found a useful thread so I acquired to open a fresh one.I possess a quite annoying problem with Bluestacks:I use it for very a while now and it functions great (with all the normal problems everybody provides). Mostly I make use of it for WhátsApp.As you know, from time to period you have got to set up apps, when you are a free of charge user, I often did and experienced no issue with this át all. Since yesterday it's period for me to install these apps again, but everytime I click on 'Install' I obtain the 'Please configuraté App Sync' Mistake. After that I'm cIicking on 'Configurate' ánd get the 'You require to install these Apps to keep making use of Bluestacks' Information once again and therefore on.So I have always been neither able to install these apps nór to configuraté App Sync, which indicates I can't make use of Bluestacks at all.I tried to disconnect App Sync in 'Advanced Configurations' which is not achievable. Of course I tried to restart Bluestacks and also the whole Notebook.Is definitely there any opportunity to solve this problem without uninstalling Bluestacks?

This will enable the App Store in the app player. Next, we have to setup BlueStacks account as well as enable the App Sync feature. To setup your BlueStacks account, click on the “Continue” button. You will then be asked to choose an email address to associate with your account. Choose the one that you want and click OK. To best utilize the Bluestacks App Player, user must Enable AppStore, Setup Bluestacks Account and Enable App Sync. After it has successfully initialized the Bluestacks, it will automatically prompt the user for One Time Setup. At first, to Enable AppStore, you must either have a functional Google ID or you can create a new one.

Check your Google Play account settings and details to see if they are accurate, otherwise app syncing won't work on BlueStacks. Log-in with correct Google. Alternatively you can install Total Commander, Root or File Explorer (or similar app) in BlueStacks, then transfer your files into fake SSD card and they should appear in C: ProgramData BlueStacks UserData SharedFolder folder. On Mac, you probably need to convert SDCard.vdi file into RAW format (as mentioned above) and mount the image, or use VirtualBox software to access the VDI image.