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The surprise hit of 2005 returns for more brick-blasting battles and sci-fi spoofing in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. As the title suggests, the storyline.

Lego Superstar Wars II will take the fun and endless customization ability of the Lego have fun with pattern and mixes it with the epic story, people and actions from the revolutionary Superstar Wars: Shows IV, Sixth is v and VI. With a unique tongue-in-cheek get on the primary trilogy, Lego Superstar Wars II lets you create and fight your method through your preferred film occasions, from Darth Vader't goal of Princess Leia aboard hér Blockade Runner tó Luke's last conflict with Emperor PaIpatine.For the initial time ever, figures can obtain in and out of vehicles, as well as trip animals. Because it't Lego design, you can furthermore blend and match up the entire body parts of even more than 50 playable heroes to develop one of millions of feasible LEGO Celebrity Wars heroes. Other fascinating additions include free-roaming automobile levels, awesome character-specific attacks and maneuvers, playable mini-kit automobiles, and an adaptive problems choice.The demo consists of one complete objective from A New Hope.


With a humorous get on the Celebrity Wars Trilogy that revolutionized crop up culture forever (Event 4 A New Hope, Episode Sixth is v The Empire Strikes Back again and Show VI Return of the Jedi), LEGO Superstar Wars II comes after the Rebel Alliance's battle to dismantle thé Galactic Empire ánd repair a galaxy in pieces. From Darth Vader's search of Princess Leia aboard hér Blockade Runner tó a showdown on the reconstructed Passing away Superstar, the game includes even more of the famiIy-friendly LEGO motion, questions and laughter that gained the primary LEGO Star Wars like reputation and acclaim.And very much more fresh to provide, it still provides. For the very first time actually, levels feature automobiles and creatures that players can trip or depart at can. Furthermore, in LEGO Star Wars II's Free Play setting, gamers can customize more than 50 new playable people by blending and matching body parts, to create their very own LEGO Celebrity Wars characters. And on specific systems, a sport save from the very first LEGO Celebrity Wars can unlock as several as 56 additional character types for Free Have fun with - that's even more than 100 character types complete, plus a huge number of feasible creations!

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  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Demo. Build and battle through the Original Trilogy in LEGO Star Wars II! Play through a fun Star Wars galaxy that combines the endless customization of LEGO with the epic story from Star Wars Episodes IV through VI.
  • Download and install latest version of LEGO Star Wars Yoda II app for free at Ratings, user reviews, direct apk files get links, update history.

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Additional exciting additions include the capability to Free Play with automobiles, cool brand-new character-specific assaults and moves, playable mini-kit vehicles, an optional advanced mode for experienced players and even more. How to connect laptop to mixer for karaoke.