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Jump to Cheats - Cheats. First, enable the console by going to. Note 2: If you want to get REALLY crazy specific with the cheats, see this guide: Mass Effect Wiki. InitGrenades #, Set number of grenades, replace # with a number. In Mass Effect, Commander Shepard uses Mark 14 Grenades which are used by most soldiers in the Systems Alliance. Once a grenade is thrown you can press the same button again to detonate it at any time. If a grenade hits a flat surface it will trigger a 10 second fuse unless you detonate it. The Mark 14 is the only type of Grenade in the game. Portal 2 smooth jazz.

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Be unfaithful ModeNote: This method involves modifying a sport file; make a backup copy of the document before continuing. Make use of a text manager to edit the 'BIOInput.ini' file in thé 'My DocumentsBioWareMass EfféctConfig' directory site. Include the following series under the 'Motor.Console' proceeding.ConsoleKey=TildeThen, push during game play to display the gaming console window. Limitless HealthNote: This process involves editing a video game file; develop a backup duplicate of the file before proceeding. Use a text publisher to modify the 'BioGame.ini' document in the '/Records/Bioware/Mass Effect/Config' directory. Look below the 'BI0CBase.BioPawnBehavior' header ánd take note the following outlines:mfBleedOutMinDamageResistancemfBleedOutCasualMinDamageResistancemfBleedOutMinHealthRegenRatemfCasualBonusHealthRegenRatemfHenchDamageResistancemfHenchCasualDamageResistanceSet their values as follows for limitless health.mfBleedOutMinDamageResistance=0.0fmfBleedOutCasualMinDamageResistance=0.0fmfHenchDamageResistance=0.0mfHenchCasualDamageResistance=0.0No tool CooldownNote: This procedure involves modifying a sport file; generate a backup duplicate of the file before continuing.

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Make use of a text editor to edit the 'BioGame.ini' file in the '/Records/Bioware/Mass Impact/Config' directory site. Find the sticking with range:mbSkipPowerCooldown=FALSEand modification it to:mbSkipPowerCooldown=Correct. Unlock Completion BonusesComplete the indicated task to unlock the related reward the next period a brand-new game is certainly started.