Nothing Works On Windows 10

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  • Ever since i got windows 10 i have had nothing but problems. I have the black screen my mouse doesnt work nothing comes up except telling me no internet connection none of the f but5tons to reboot etc arent working please help.
  • Oct 26, 2018 - The Start menu and Cortana can stop working in Windows. The Start menu is your main port of call for navigating Windows 10, so when it.

That's nearly all likely not really significantly of a issue, but if you would like to tip it out, examine this thread out:Did you look through the event audience?I perform it like: open the viewers, start the program to make it fail, and after that find the error in the viewers, just to maintain the time collectively.This will be what I obtain from event audience when I test to open up the windows app shop'Activation of ápp Microsoft.WindowsStore8wékyb3d8bbwe!App were unable with error: The application cannot be started. Test reinstalling the program to fix the issue. Notice the Microsoft-Windóws-TWinUI/Operational sign for additional info.'

Windows 10 Safe Mode Nothing Works

May 29, 2017  Now nothing works!! The start menu won't open, I can't click on anything on the task bar. Fallout 4 load order ps4. The settings won't open, windows defender is turned off and when I click turn on nothing happens. Corrupt file in Windows 10, nothings is working. After that ive been trying a lot of diferent solutions and nothing works, i tried sfc.exe, dism. Originally when i build my pc i installed win 8.1 from a disc, so tried booting from it and refresh the pc, but that didnt work because it said that the drive where windows was installed was locked.

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