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SimRayThe SimRay is certainly the potential in handheld devices. Because it is extremely fresh, 60% of the time it functions all the period.GameSelling price§300Object kind(s)SpecialSize1x1The SimRay is usually a gadget launched in which can just be created through the. It requires 1x common metallic, and 1x typical crystal to be built. The SimRay can become utilized to adjust and change other Sims and objects.The SimRay may become used by Sims not really in the Research profession, but just Sims operating in the may make and update the SimRay.UpgradésThe SimRay can end up being upgraded through the Invention Constructor, which will unlock more interactions.

Freeze Beam - This is usually the fundamental interaction of the SimRáy when it can be invented. This conversation gives the targeted Sim a +2 'Frozen' unpleasant moodlet as ice entraps their entire body, which advances into a +1 'Chilled' unpleasant moodlet enduring 4 hours after defrozen. It can furthermore be utilized on a fireplace to extinguish it. Transform Object - Unlocked in level 3 of the career, this conversation can change one object into another.

Sims 4 Possession Mod Download

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