Soldier Of Fortune 2 Gore

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Basically a short video of how gory SoF2 can get. The map I used was Base (;36353). Download Soldier of fortune 2 Multiplayer Widescreen Patch. Extract the file to the installation folder, where SoF2MP.exe is located. Run the patch and choose your desired resolution.

If I remember correctly(played ón PS3), in MGR yóu have got 'freeform' ability to cut your enemy simply before he's inactive and the parts just disappear in thin air. Not really exactly enjoyment.To end up being frank, I had more enjoyment dismembering enemies in Binary Dómain(very underrated mostly because of bad PC port) and Chasm: Thé Rift. ln BD, becoming robots, they keep on to attack you after shedding hands or legs, in Chásm grunt will héadbutt you after dropping both hands.Also, Die by the Sword SoF (SOF2 sucked)In this video game, enemies are modelled in a way that allows you to reduce them along several pre-defined outlines, but this can be mostly cosmetic. Tactical dismemberment happens, but it is quite uncommon because gameplay is as well fast-paced for that.