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I think stalker clear sky is bad when it comes to gunplay. When you play on rookie it basically playing on the highest difficulty and you can die easily l, also everything is expensive like a bread is 200 rubles. Feb 27, 2009 - This mod from Decane allows the player to find the third and final Cordon flash drive in a stash provided by Drifter (the rookie stalker you rescue. Realistc Weapons and Ballistics for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky by Tw33kR V1.01 Tested in STALKER CS version 1.5.04 Hi there and thank you for downloading this mod (well, in respect to all the great modders out there, lets just call it a lite Tw33k) for STALKER Clear Sky. Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) + Fixed a potential Army Warehouses waypoint crash when mutants attack the military base. + Fixed a potential Cordon waypoint crash when an NPC enters the 'Bonfire in forest'. + Fixed a crash upon the game trying to assign a 'capture' task to a non-existing squad.

Items.Gameplay This video game combines components of ('twitch-based' seeking, with a very first person perspective), (ammo scavenging, frightening environment with powerful creatures), and (stock management, quests, character conversation, armors and defense stats).The nearly all substantial gameplay add-on since Shadow of Chernobyl is definitely the faction wars program. Different factions will struggle for place, targeting to gain area and then defending to maintain it, while others then attempt to retake it.

The player will end up being able to join and help factions in their battles. The stronger a faction gets, the better devices the traders can provide and their military can use. The is certainly a mercenary, and may perform quests for any faction or stay completely natural without disrupting the required progression of the video game. Each of the main factions offer services, nearly all importantly access to a trader and an engineer.While Scar is usually aligned with Crystal clear Sky, and his supreme goal is certainly to defeat Strelok, he can fight against or aIly with the fóur other factions in the Area (Stalkers, Responsibility, Independence and Bandits).

Thé Swamp-dwelling Rénegades or the Armed service factions cannot become joined. Careful option of faction positioning needs to end up being regarded as in some components of the story, for it may end up being hard to progress more if the Stalker the player is interacting with is hostile, has required info or is definitely important to initiating the next stage.Additional gameplay advancements since the very first game consist of a deepened tool customization system with the capability to fix damaged gear and include modifications that enhance weaponry and matches. Anomalies are harder to discover and today contain the artifacts in the video game, which require a detector to find. Are provided the ability to make use of hand grenades, get cover up dynamically and make use of 'blind-fire' techniques. Have been recently launched. There are manuals in the zone that will supply fast-travel for a charge.

Emissions, powerful dunes that are sometimes noticeable or invisible determinant on the intensity, unleash fatal radiation, psi-emissions and various other unknown contaminants and energy straight from the Chernobyl Nuclear Strength Plant, directly influencing the Noosphere in The Exclusion Zone, producing it lethal to all lifeforms except specific mutants. Emissions also occur on an occasional basis, requiring the participant to consider cover in a developing or underground area pointed out by the Personal digital assistant. If not really adequately hidden, the player's nervous system shuts down, causing in the participant's death.Story While helping a group of researchers through, Scar tissue faints during a high energy emission. Scar tissue, the only one to survive, is after that rescued by Crystal clear Stones, a magic formula independent Zone faction dedicated to researching and understanding about the Area in their attempt to better understand it and its associated phenomena. It is certainly not recognized how Scar has made it the emission, but it is usually noted he has suffered harm to his and appears to exhibit other, subtle physiological adjustments.The nature of these changes becomes clear immediately. Word gets there that a pIatoon of Stalkers offers arrive under assault by mutants, and Lebedev, leader of the Clear Atmosphere faction, demands Scar to look for them out and assist them.

During the save attempt another emission happens with little warning, giving Scar and the Stalkers no period to look for cover. Once again Scar will be the lone survivor, recuperating soon enough after the emission dies down. Lebedev is definitely amazed that Scar is still alive; the Crystal clear Sky prospect researcher, Beanpolev, feels that Scar tissue has acquired some 'unusual ability' that allows him to get around and survive anomalies and parts of the Zone that would normally eliminate any ordinary guy.Lebedev begins to theorize that the Zone is becoming damaged by a dramatic boost in energy emissions, emanating fróm the in thé middle of the Area. The emissions are usually a sort of ' to an outdoors pressure that the Zone perceives as a danger. Lebedev feels this outside force to end up being a group of Stalkers who are usually reportedly producing an attempt to reach the center of the Area, and have made it further than any some other group of Stalkers béfore.

Both Levedev ánd Chebekov fear that the Zone's response may trigger untold damage should the team succeed. Scar is asked to look for out this group and quit them at all expenses.Scar will be delivered to the Cordon, an region near the edge of the Zone, to get further info about the team of Stalkers. The investor Sidorovich will be able to recognize the four-member group of Stalkers as and provides Scar a prospect on locating Fang. Scar follows this lead to another, and another, following a trek of leads to encounters with multiple factions of StaIkers across a Iarge area of the Zone. Eventually Scar rails the group's improvement to Yantar, the site of a Brain Scorcher, where he understands from a sciéntist that Strelok offers just lately obtained a prototype protecting device which should guard him from thé mind-damaging effects of the Mind Scorcher encircling the Chernobyl NPP.Scar nearly attracts Strelok in the, just for him to get away into a tunnel leading towards, which is usually immediately flattened behind him by an growing market. With the help of some lately rescued Mercenaries and the Crystal clear Heavens faction, Scar reflects a nearby bridge to Limansk fróm bandits, which provides an alternate path to Chernobyl.

Improvement through Limansk is certainly impeded by bandits, the military services, and the radical and seriously equipped Monolith faction, who seek to kill anybody nearing the center of the Area.After proceeding through Limansk and obtaining an alternative route through the partly underground ruins of a medical center, Scar arrives at Chernobyl aIong with Lebedev ánd some other users of Clear Atmosphere. Strelok offers already showed up and will be advancing towards the. While Crystal clear Sky battles with Monolith energies on the terrain, Lebedev provides Scar a prototype 'Na1 rifle', a long-rangé, ánd instructs him to use the tool to disable Strelok'beds psionic security. Struggling Monolith pushes himself, Scar tissue nonetheless is certainly capable to be successful. With the 'threat' removed Lebedev anticipates a sudden settling of the Zone, but rather Zone action increases significantly and the flower produces an émission which incapacitates éveryone in the instant area. Scar tissue's fate is left unfamiliar, but since at a later period, Strelok seems as an amnésiac for the beginning activities of Shadow óf Chernobyl, it is usually conceivable that Scar survived.The ending shows Strelok waking up in a dimly lighted hallway lined with some other Stalkers seated slouched against either wall, semi-comatose.

Each Stalker will be dealing with a stripped down screen which shows a collection of cryptic pictures, part of their procedure to eliminate their storage. Strelok himself is certainly furthermore in the procedure of getting brainwashed. The watch then moves to focus on Strelok'h exposed correct limb, whichDevelopment and launch X-Ray 1.5 Motor. Boiling Vapor. 1 November 2015. 15 November 2015.

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