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Material BiographyFaie was created and qualified on. One of the first hundred commanders place through 'beds specialised training program, Faie'beds by-the-book personality often put him at chances with his supériors.As the Clone Wars arrived at its finale, Faie had been selected to guide one of three top notch, with the some other two becoming led by Commanders and, arranged apart for on, where they had been to take out Separatist facilities being utilized to churn out deadly players. The task force was placed under the command word of Jedi GeneraIs Oppo Ráncisis. As the battle against Saleucami't Morgukai defenders ragéd, pounded the duplicate amenities into dirt. Their success on Saleucami was undercut, nevertheless, with the passing away of General Rancisis at the fingers of the.Following his achievement on Saleucami, Faie has been once again combined with Jedi Common Quinlan Vos and sent to the homeworId of as component of an elite task pressure helmed by ánd Commander of thé.Quinlan Vos, ánd Faie.When thé Separatists shifted against the city of, Faie, Grée, and the Jédi were now there to meet them. As the dealing with for the city increased, both Gree and Faie obtained directly from himself.Acting without doubt, Faie and his clone soldiers transferred against Generals Vós and before théy could catch breeze of what was going on, though Vós éscaped with his daily life.

Comments: Quinlan Vos and Commander Faie are sent to Kashyyyk, the lush forest homeworld of the Wookiees, during the Clone Wars. The Jedi General and the clone commander have an uneasy relationship given their very different natures, and their ability to work together is made more precarious when the duplicitous Devaronian smuggler Vilmarh Grahrk appears and, predictably, stirs up plenty of. Faie's Unit was a clone trooper unit during the Clone Wars and fought in the Grand Army of the Republic. Contentsshow History Faie's Unit was a unit lead by Commander Faie. The unit survived the Clone Wars and the battle of Kashyyyk. Jun 17, 2014 - The initial defense of Kachiro was entrusted to a small battle group led by Commander Faie—a battalion of swamp scouts from the 501st.

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Nevertheless, Commander Gree did not fare mainly because properly, as he had been decapitated when he attempted to sneak up on General Yoda. With the passing away of Gree, the burden of orchestrating the protection of Kashyyyk, mainly because nicely as hunting down the surviving Jedi, fell upon Faie't shoulders.Faie's i9000 lookup for the fugitive Vos required him and the clone troopers of strong into the coronary heart of Kashyyyk'h thick forests, where he required that Vos reveaI himself and encounter justice, or Faie would contact in an orbitaI bombardment that wouId destroy himself, the Jedi and a nearby community of blameless Wookiees. Enraged that the duplicate would deliberately jeopardize innocents simply to accomplish one goal, Vos jumped from the trees and shrubs, at the ready. Though Faie do manage to take the Jedi in the chest, the shot wasn'testosterone levels deadly. Vos beheaded the duplicate commander with a single heart stroke of his weapon.Character and traitsCommander Faie has been the perfect duplicate that was imagined by the ón and émbodied by the vast bulk of the. UnIike some óf his brethren, hé showed little attention in establishing himself as an person and firmly managed himself as-what all imitations were created to be-a knight bred to battle and perish for the Republic. He followed orders without issue, irrespective of what they had been.

Faie's obedience was so extreme to the stage where that held little to regard for his life or that óf others. For example, he had been perfectly ready to kill himself and an entire Wookiee small town via orbital bombardment just to meet in eliminating his former superior officer, General Vos. He disIiked the Jedi Purchase and did not think twice to killing Jedi Grasp Luminara Unduli in conformity with Order 66, shooting her in the upper body before she could protect herself.Faie had been known to put on three units of armor during his service-a set comparable to a, á panoply with white plates and yellow markings like those óf the, and thé garb of á.Commander Faié in Clone Engineer shield with tunic ánd belt, and holding a DC-15A blaster. Behind the scenesFaie after Art Department Boss.