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Is it probable it offers nothing at all to do with any specific NPC? I understand I can get stuck in cómbat in a lot of locations if you aggro a beast you can't notice and it doesn't attack you because of certain items. In once case I aggro'd a beast under the glaciers I has been combating on and just smashed stuck in cómbat when I leaped in the drinking water, swam under the snow, and murdered the aggro'd monster. But, also causing the combat area wouldn't break thé stuck in cómbat, which it shouId.

Stuck In Combat Bug Wow
  • Jun 10, 2011  I just read in the topic 'Bugged Chronomaggus'that pets' AoE abilities are what's causing the stuck in combat bug in several dungeons, including the new Zul 5-mans, and probably most raids (my guild got this bug in a Mt. Hyjal raid recently) I honestly had no.
  • The stuck in combat bug really annoys me, I play mag characters so my. I've gotten to end game in WoW & GW2, I haven't encountered bugs.

I also understand some AoE assaults can strike mobs through wall space and various other obstructions which will aggró them but théy received't shift to assault you because of the obstacle. I acquired to AoE a beast (quite gradually with a fragile AoE strike) that has been inside a sapling and wouldn'capital t assault me but held mé stuck in combat. Thére are a great deal of places you can nevertheless get stuck in combat. Look at some óf the evade reviews and you'll most likely find even more examples you can replicate.

The issue will be some of these issues wear't appear to get a great deal of interest when it comes to fixing them and people begin to ignore them rather of survey them. The bulk of the evade bug proceeded to go on for months before somebody got given up and lastly partially set it. Game have fun with during that time has been hell for melee players and I stop playing my paladin totally during that period.Here will be another instance of where you can obtain stuck in combat. Simply aggro one óf these by éither eliminating something close up to them or striking them with AoE or canine assault and after that depart.

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I'm in Shadow moon Valley and after I cleared a fight my toon is stuck in combat mode. I can't mount or drink or even log out. I opened a ticked bout the wait is over an hour and a half.

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You'll end up being stuck in combat. Example stuck in cómbat because of Mimirón's battle.How to reproduce: with two participants, leave participant1 inside the instance, like at the entry.Player2 start the combat and pass away(or established gm on) as quickly as the manager bracket the automobile. The boss will remain with aggro with the player1.