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Welcome to!A subreddit for all of those who enjoy the Overall War collection. Attila isn'testosterone levels like Empire where you Require darthmod for the video game to end up being great(now there isn't a darthmod for anything past FoTS anyhow) but there are usually for certain some mods to enhance it.With Attila it depends on how you would like to play as to what mods you obtain. I would suggest AGAINST mods that make the video game pathetically easy(like mods boosting garrison size or the mod to crack up the WRE) because then if you play vanilla you will obtain your butt royally kicked(since vanilla isn't easy.various other than a sassanids campaign.and those mods REALLY stupid it down).As for suggestions to obtain.You could obtain Radious but that makes it kind of arcade-y(not a poor thing) but furthermore they decided to get away your ability to raze trigger they desire to determine how you play. Therefore if you get Radious then I also heavily recommend to get the 'all factions can do everything' mod.I have found mods enhancing some little looks right here and now there and various 'minimal adjustments' mods to end up being most effective, imo. A banner mod(there is definitely a extremely ranked on that works very best, imo) assists to make each faction even more distinctive and stand-out. Based on how very much you appreciate months there is definitely a '12 transforms per yr' mod that improves each time of year to 3 moves, which actually makes the sport more realistic and enjoyment since winter is even more punishing and not really just a 'oh today some whitened stuff.I will just walk over this with impunity'. A influence mod that increases your kings and families influence helps since sometimes random 'do-nothing' people get plenty of impact in your faction and could cause a civil war(literally they sit down in a city and do nothing and somehow get mega impact.likened to your ruler who is certainly fighting big fights).There isn't a entire lot you would NEED to repair with mods in Attila(imo) but there can be certainly some stuff that can make the sport even more fun(like 'everyone can perform everything' mod).

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Heading to repeat if you pick up Radious.I Extremely recommend you dl some mods to fix what they take apart from you.

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Medieval Kingdoms: Total War is a mod for Total War: Attila, created by Medieval Kingdoms: Total War Dev Team. Description: Medieval Kingdoms: Total War is a total conversion of Total War: Attila with brings the game to the high middle ages, set in the starting year of 1212 AD going until 1453 AD. Announcement: Want a Forum for your Mod? Total War: Attila and the Reality of the Situation. Medieval Kingdoms Total War mod for rome 2 MAC OS X.