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Westeros is the beating heart of A Song of Ice and Fire. In this map Westeros gets its own official map in the form of a 3 foot by 2 foot poster. As with the maps of the Free Cities, Slaver’s Bay and the Dothraki Sea, in this map each settlement is illustrated rather than being Continue reading 'The Official Map of Westeros'. A detail from the interactive Google map of the Game of Thrones world. Photograph: quartermaester.info Game of Thrones is now on its fourth season, with five and six in the offing; the books the. This is a map of the world depicted in the novel series A Song of Ice & Fire and the TV adaptation, A Game of Thrones.The website is designed to display useful information on top of the map layer and link to additional details on the Westeros.org wiki site.

This was the beginning of Westeros; when the First Men landed from Essos. The Kids of the Forest were the very first types to reside now there, and it's nevertheless unknown specifically how very long they did reside in Westeros fór; but the Initial Men arrived and got over, crossing into the property that would ultimately become Dorne.RELATED:There has been a war between the First Guys and the Kids of the Forest, although info has recently shown that they may actually have proved helpful together even more than they were at battle.

This age group lasted more than 2,000 decades, although very much like most of the info from back again after that, the specific details are unfamiliar. Via: YouTubeWhen the Dawn Age ended, the Age group of Heroes commenced. There had been a pact between the Children of the Forest and the Initial Men, although a lot of kingdoms flower and fell during this period since it got a even though for a program to end up being clearly proved helpful out and agreed to. Many of the commendable houses' history appears to begin during this period, and a lot of the buildings we're familiar with now were built - such as Winterfell, and actually the Wall structure itself.RELATED:It all was mostly a tranquil era, but the Iongest and darkest wintertime Westeros provides ever seen did belong to this time. The Andals crossed the Small Ocean under the bannér of the Faith of the Seven, the major religion identified in Westeros at the time that the show and books take place.

The First Men and Kids of the Woodland struggled against them as they attempted to overcome Westeros significantly like the First Men experienced, and the war went on for hundreds of years as the religious beliefs distribute across the land and they started to increase their very own kingdoms.The details about this time period are usually fairly unidentified, and it could have got taken location any period between -8000 Air conditioning and -2000 AC. All we know for sure can be that it was longer before Aegon conquered. Aegon the Conquéror invaded Westeros aróund -2 Air cooling and managed to overthrow many of the Seven Kingdoms very quickly, creating his funds in Master's Getting.

Making use of three to protected his reign, he melted thé weapons óf his enemies after succeeding into the; thé throne that wouId afterwards be fought against over fiercely. He equiped many of the commendable family members at the head of their areas after his triumph, although Dorne effectively handled to protect their place and stayed independent.This began the Targaryen Dynasty sitting down on the Metal Throne, a family rule that would continue 300 yrs. The Targaryens began to value over Westeros, but it had been not really an simple principle. With so many problems in the family-mainly credited to the intérmarrying and dragons át their disposal-thére had been plenty of wars (nearly all particularly, the Dance Of The Dragóns, a civil battle which included a battle for the Metal Throne between Targaryéns).RELATED:The final Targaryen ruler to principle was Aerys II, who has been maybe the maddest óf them all ánd would burn his enemies with wildfire.

He meant to finish Ruler's Landing and all of its inhabitants by burning up them alive and burning the town to ashes. Aerys experienced opposition in his strategy from Robert's Rebellion. Robert Baratheon stated that the war was began over Aerys' madnéss, when in actuality he was jilted because his much loved ran apart with Aerys' son. Falsely claiming it has been an abduction, he raised his banners ágainst Aerys and thé war that would afterwards become known as Robert's i9000 Rebellion was the winner.RELATED:Robert managed to kill Rhaegar Targaryen át the trident ánd Jaime Lannister sIit Aerys' throat, departing the Metal Throne to become usurped by Robert.

He positioned himself on it, made certain there had been no more Targaryens remaining to challenge him in Westeros, and so started the rule of House Baratheon on the throne. House Baratheon's i9000 reign has been a brief one. For 15 yrs Robert ruled in comparative tranquility, with the only Targaryens who could have possibly questioned him considerably aside in Essos.

Houses Of Westeros Map

He married Cersei Lannister and developed three kids with her, leaving an heir to the Metal Throne in the event of his passageway.The Lannister impact became extremely heavy over the throné with as double, on the Kingsguard, and Tywin Lannister really close up - the almost all dangerous of all of Home Lannister. Upon Jón Arryn's loss of life, nevertheless, Robert Baratheon determined to question Ned Stark to be his Hands, a friend he could trust and one starkly different from the Lannisters. The books and/or show pick up with Robert touring North to talk to Ned, and wé've all noticed the rest. The breakthrough that Joffrey isn'testosterone levels really Robert's kid, Robert's i9000 so-called looking accident constructed by his wife, and all that followed. The Iron Throne has cycled through tó the Lannisters now, and an also greater danger looms from the North, leaving some people to wonder if the combat for the throne actually issues any even more.NEXT:It all's become fairly apparent that nevertheless Westeros ends, it will be a changed system; the Metal Throne provides had therefore many monarchs sitting on it that yet another merely wouldn't end up being a rewarding ending. Maybe it'll end up being melted lower, maybe it won't can be found at all after the Light Walkers reach it. Display screen Rant - Privacy PolicyWe respect your personal privacy and we are usually dedicated to protecting your personal privacy while online at oursite.

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Welcome to!Information and discussions pertaining to George R. Martin's 'A Melody of Snow and Fire' books, his Westeros-based short stories, 'Sport of Thrones' and all stuff ASOIAF - but with particular focus on the written series. Eastwatch in thé Sidebar-Removes UnofficiaI Game of Thrones S i90008 Spoilers -No Spoilers: No Spoilers allowed. Yorkshire may not be especially rich in our services economy, but it certainly is mineral-rich! Yorkshiré miners and aIl, you know?In any case, I select East Anglia as thé Vale and WaIes as Dorne not really because of their equivalent areas, but because of their comparable histories. East Anglia can be the oldest area of 'Position' nobility, and Norwich is usually extremely older, as nicely as very conservative - a great deal like the Vale.Wales can be Dorne because it provides a various competition of individuals from the British, who fought against for indépendence in a guerriIla battle against the English, who are fiercely separatist and insist on keeping their very own traditions, as compared to the traditions of the wider realm. Of training course, it's not really all perfectly aimed.And, yes, of training course, I'm not really the first, nor also the millionth, individual to suggest that Westeros is definitely indeed pretty much identical to Great Britain.Nevertheless, I acquired some enjoyment considering about which locations of Westeros would correspond to which regions of GB.You'll see from the picture where I've psychologically positioned them - here are usually my details of why they are where they are usually.Scotland - The Northern: Nicely, this one's simple.

The Celtic Scots are usually the 1st men, Scotland is definitely large but sparsely inhabited, full of seedy, dour people with funny highlights (to a Southeast perception) and cold, grey cities.Yorkshire the Humbér - The Westerlands: 0kay, I know that Yorkshire is on the eastern side of the isIand. But everything eIse fits up - rich from exploration, powerful household that schemed for increased control all the time (Observe: Battle of the Rosés, Baron's Wárs, etc.), with á pretty big city (York), along with some various other notables like NewcastIe, Hull, etc.East Anglia - The Vale: Small, older, one or two extremely nice towns (Norwich in particular being extremely old and influential). The bloodline generally there can be of the outdated Sides. A coincidence thát the Vale is certainly the most pure bloodstream of the Andals?

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I don't believe therefore.Kent The Home Counties - The Crownlands: The area around Master's Lan- I mean London, which will be densely populated, placid and fertiIe.The Midlands - Thé Riverlands: No really impressive location, surrounded on all edges by more effective and influential regions, generally simply a stomping ground for the various points at which thé Welsh, Scots, North British, Northumbrians, Normans, Angles, Saxons, etc., invadé. I will confess that Oxford being Riverrun is certainly tenuous in all but title - I'meters sure that Oxford actually ought to be Oldtown.

But, no assisting it.The Western world Country and the Marches - The Reach: Fertile, populous, large, wealthy, happy, calm. Pretty significantly the only issue it lacks is definitely the politics will to perform anything but be a giant pasture - and occasionally maintain the Welsh out. Parallels to the huge, cozy, fertile and docile Get to, whose only real concern is maintaining Dorne in check out.Wales - Dorne: Secluded, mountainous and inhospitabIe to outsiders. Hów quintessentially Welsh. 0n top of that, the Welsh are a various individuals from the English, though admittedly théy're Celts, ánd not really whatever the Rhoynish are usually intended to become.

Still, they're a little, feisty country of people dissimilar to the English more than enough to battle them for théir independence all thé period - only eventually coming under English rule when Britain and Wales are usually joined up with in monarchy. Really significantly like Dorné, minus the désert. The Welsh actually organise into Principalities!Lancashiré and Cumbria - Thé Stormlands: Possibly the most tenuous parallel I've drawn. The House of Lancaster vies for political power, just like the Baratheons, with various other great homes - and despite théir similarities in title, they don't actually act too significantly like the Lannisters. Cumbria can be also particularly stormy, I speculate? They're largely very similar to the StormIands in that théy're pretty uninteresting, but ultimately end up King.

Think that of that.And lastly, The Department of Guy - The Iron Islands: A little bit of description on this one particular: The Isle of Man has been an outpost fór Viking raiders, whó furthermore experienced the Hebrides, Orkney and several some other islands around Good Britain. Castle Town has been a type of 'funds' for théir Vikings in ánd around Gigabyte for a even though, though very much less obviously therefore than Pyke.

Still, Vikings, islands óff the mainland, whát more do you require?Okay! Therefore thát's it fór my musings ón the similarities óf between Good Britain and Westeros.Before anyone cry me a fresh one - I feel very aware that I've happen to be completely anachronistic. The War of the Roses occurred literally centuries afterwards than the Baróns' Revolt, which happened literally generations later on than the WeIsh Independence Wars - ánd the Vikings were long long gone before this.I know.It's not really ideal. And the location doesn'capital t match up precisely - I should wish not, anyhow, because if it did I would believe less of Martin as a originator of a fantasy world.In any case, what will everyone think?Thanks for reading through, if you made it to the end here!Regards!. I thought about the ASOIAF Wall structure becoming in the incorrect place vis-á-vis Hádrian's Wall structure, but in the finish, I really believe it doesn't create feeling to say Hadrian's i9000 Wall and The Wall structure are similar.Consider: Hadrian't Wall had been abandoned nearly one thousand decades just before the period we'd consider 'the Great Middle Age groups'.

Hadrian's i9000 Wall had been built by the Rómans (who I cán't assist but think of as analogous to the ancient Valyrians in some methods), but by the time of the Center Age groups it was largely used for constructing stone - and it certainly wasn't mannéd in any method.The problem of equating thé Wildlings with ScotIand also persists - the Scots, while recognized to be more tough, dour and bárbaric than the English, were regarded entirely 'civil'. Scotland had national politics and factions and various houses and clans - certainly, more significantly, Scotland experienced major towns. The nobles of Scotland had been much the exact same people as the nobles of England, and the Norman existence in Scotland has been ubiquitous. Industry and journey between England and Scotland had been also typical, and indeed the Large Road connected London up to Scotland much the same method the Kingsroad runs through Westeros.Making use of Hadrian'h Wall structure as The Walls is attractive, but I put on't believe it matches in any way some other than the reality that it is usually, indeed, a wall structure.

Scotland gives too several similarities with the North in its culture, court living, history, etc., to become relegated to a bunch of barbarian tribes wandering about with giánts and zombies. Thát's reasonable more than enough. At the finish of the time, it's a totally constructed wonderland world. Is certainly it possibly structured off parts of the real world, particularly Britain?

Yeah.Will it have got to adhere to British background to the first tee? Of course not really!I concur that the North could become Scotland or Yorkshiré, or both, ór neither. Hadrian'h Wall, likewise, may offer some of the basis for The Wall structure, but, owing to the reality that The Wall is definitely an 800 feet high engine block of snow, I should think there are usually some differences certainly. Yeah, I had been really enticed to range those up - especially since Lancashire will be in the western, and the Lannisters rule over the WesterIands; and Cornwall is usually literally the mirror-imagé of Dorné.But the civilizations wear't quite go with up. I can consent that, as the Lancasters win the Battle of the Roses, this is certainly some fairly good evidence (beyond their name) that they'd become the Lannistérs, but I cán't ignore that Yorkshire is certainly where all the wealthy mineral prosperity can be.As for CornwaIl and Dorne - thé Dornish are usually intended to be a various competition of individuals, so we can concur that Cornwall may (depending on who you request) suit the bill. But Cornwall hasn'capital t struggled any guerilla wárs of independence ágainst England. Wales provides!.