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Wow legendary tracker addon. Soo I looked up this addon and the author actually made a recent update to the description that it seems Nov 2017 might've come with a change to leggo drop chance. I believe blizzard modified drop rates of legendaries to drop much more frequently, resulting in players hitting bad luck protection cap much less frequently. But according to him, the data shows that leggos are dropping much more frequently November 2017 Blizzard drop rate changes: I have seen a VERY large number of legendaries dropping well before the bad luck protection cap in the month of November. If this is true, I believe it is an awesome change, as catching a new character up this late in the expansion can be a real struggle. Do I have proof?


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Rotation in gmod? Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by Gordon-Shepherd, Aug 24, 2006. Gordon-Shepherd Newbie. Joined: Aug 10, 2006 Messages: 793 Likes Received: 0. Probably a stupid question, but I dont know how to rotate things in gmod. Cant get ma ragdolls facing the right way. A real pain in the arse. Soooo how do you do it? חינם GMOD HOW TO POSE RAGDOLLS mp3 השמע. חינם GMOD 13 Ragdoll Posing HD Part 2. If you are unhappy with the pose of the ragdoll, you can unfreeze it by moving your reticle over it and pressing R. Note that doing this will unfreeze ALL of the ragdoll's frozen joints, so think twice before you unfreeze it completely. You can choose to unfreeze a certain part of the ragdoll by repeatedly clicking until it gives way.

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(i actually apologize for my sentence structure and spelling errors)i had been searching around the internet, and i can'capital t find a copy poses tool! So i decidet to request it right here.a duplicate poses device is usually a device that will copy postures i produced for a ragdoll and after that i can create other positions for it and after that insert the pose i duplicated from the ragdoIl in-case we would like him to proceed while something moves in the backgróund,you can save multiple stances you made and it can make stop-motion much less complicated (for people who doesn't possess fraps and/or has problems with fiIming with movément)if someone is usually gonna make it, please do!!!